Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter pics

I've felt very blah & behind on sleep all week after my bout of food poisoning. I'm hoping this weekend will help me recharge, but last night certainly didn't. The cats woke us up at 3:30 (us being me & the baby, my husband had already been woken up & was downstairs) and Amber woke up again around 5, then again at 6, we went & bugged her daddy around 7:30. She's playing happily downstairs while I try to get some breakfast, pump, etc while listening to her (& now Daddy too...and now TV as well) on the monitor.

Looks like there may be some issues with my layout... dunno what to do, I'll publish & see how it looks & if anyone can help me out, please do!
Update - I changed the layout & this works... I was going to have a couple of the pictures set to the left & right instead of just in a row down the center, but it did weird things & overlapped the pictures.

And a couple collages I made with pictures of the eggs we dyed;

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Are there any songs about Tuesdays?

My Swaperoo stuff!

Baby shoes - anyone know more than me about the sizing? I couldn't figure it out before I bought them... now that I have them they say size 1 (what I got) is for 6weeks to three months (which is how old she is now) but she'll be 5 months old when we need these - do I need to exchange for a size 2? They look kinda big to me...

I officially don't like the photo uploader on here... I'm really tired this morning. I think I'll do Easter pics later...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Another promise

For a longer post later. Babysat our friends' daughter tonight so they could go out to celebrate the mom's birthday. :)
Can't get my computer to cooperate & upload the pics, so those'll wait. Got my package from the swap today & had lots of fun goodies! Also got baby shoes in the mail that I hope will fit Amber in May for Paul's cousin's wedding & my sister's graduation.
So, pics of Easter, pics of my swap, pics of baby shoes & the dresses for those events... one I got & one I made. :)
But, once again, it's bedtime! G'night!

Happy Easter - after the fact

Most of our weekend was really nice, but I got quite ill after dinner this evening. I suspect food poisoning, so hopefully I'm over it. Much too late now. night! More later...