Thursday, March 14, 2013

Central IL Etsians & my Family Update

I've stepped down, so I'm no longer Team Captain of the Central IL Etsians. I (finally) had another team member step up & volunteer so I could focus on my growing little family. :D
I'm so happy! I feel such relief! I've been feeling so guilty for neglecting the group & not helping make it all that it could be. I'm hoping our new leader will be up to the task, and I believe she will be!

In other news, little Kevin is growing like a weed! Both of my kids are. They're both getting into size 3s... him in 3month clothes (while only 6 weeks old!) and she in 3T (shirts anyway, pants are still too long - and she's been 3 since the end of last year)...
He's a good baby & she's a good helper. I'm tired a lot trying to keep up with them... and trying to get some time to myself. I was "bad" again last night & stayed up too late finishing a book. Of course, that meant it was one of those nights that he didn't sleep as well as usual. I don't think I slept more than 2hrs at a time. Bleh. Most nights he puts in a 6hr stretch, or at least four... and he did put in a 3-4hr stretch at the beginning, but I was reading. Then, late in the morning he did another longer stretch, but I had to go help Amber.