Saturday, February 4, 2012

Last couple days...

I want to go work on my project I started (inspired by something I found on Pinterest)... but I have a snuggly kitty.

So, my daily goal yesterday was to clean the floors. Didn't happen. Weekends are my catch-up time. I really need to vacuum b/c I started the afore mentioned project on Thursday & it's made a big mess of my carpet!

Here's a link to the inspiration for the project I'm working on.

Thursday was really nice, so I actually took my daughter for a walk & we played at the park for a bit. I had my craft night & one friend showed up (wasn't expecting a big turn-out for this one.) so we hung out. She looked up knitting patterns & I worked on my new rug.

I got some more awareness ribbon charms today. A different style, from Michael's. I haven't done any more with that because I haven't heard much from the lady who commissioned me for the pink bracelets. We went to the Verizon store today & dumped Sprint. Ate out at Schlotzky's & swung by Michael's.
I did sort out the catch-all drawer in my daughter's dresser, so all that's left of the weekly goal are the few things on top of her dresser & bookshelf & finding homes for the few things out of her closet that're currently in our guest room.
Well, cat left me... time to work on the rug while my little Booger's still napping!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


finally actually joined... been lost on the site while I ate a snack (of ice cream, brownie, banana & cool whip... probably shouldn't, but Mmmmm!!!)
I'm MonicaBerry5 on there if you want to follow me. ;) I have a few things pinned & TONS of ideas that make me that much LESS inspired to clean the kitchen! >_< Ok, I'm going to tell myself I have to clean the kitchen & then I can do something fun....
Wish my daughter were actually napping...

Today's To-do list

Didn't get any more of yesterday's done after my last edit due to upset tummy & my back hurting. :/

Towels laundry(Washed & dried)[Still need to be folded & put away, but no hurry on that.]
Store outgrown baby clothes(check!)
Put away my laundry(check!)

Today's additions:
Babysit in the afternoon(extra long now, since my friend is sick. :/)
work in the evening
{TOMORROW}Dust(Dunno... I might put this off b/c my allergies are really bugging me! Actually, I just noticed that I had decided to switch dusting to Thursdays & kitchen-cleaning to Wednesdays)
Clean kitchen *groan*(I scrubbed the sink & vacuumed the floor & I'm calling "good enough" for today. Need my energy for the kiddos!)
I did pick up all the toys & such on the main floor before my babysit-ee arrived.

Details of what's left to do for my my weekly goal:
Figure out what to do with stuff from daughter's closet. Need to figure out what to do with some broken toys (battery operated.) Wish they could be fixed. :/ [Edit: I tried to look up places I could recycle them & didn't find much in my area.:/)
Need to figure out where to store some of the little baby stuff until #2 comes along & we need them again. :) Then I still have the drawer to clean out & dresser & bookcase to clear off.

Better get to it! ;)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saving Money$$

Trying to anyway. I check out a lot of daily deal sites, coupon sites & am trying to pay closer attention to things when I'm shopping &/or sending my hubby shopping. This is on my mind since I did the shopping at Meijer today & managed to save 25% off my total bill. It's not the 75-90% the "crazy coupon ladies" can get, but I'm not about to make couponing a full or even part-time job. I would like to get the Sunday paper, but for now I just satisfy myself with what we get through other mailings & online.
Today's big difference was that I took a little more time perusing the ad & trying to only get sale items & then use as many coupons as I could(which ended up only being 5, one of which was on the product.) One of my sale items didn't come up sale price & I didn't catch it. :/ There were a couple other things I needed that weren't on sale, but one of them had a register rewards thing that was supposed to print if I bought 3 & it didn't. I checked with cust. service & they went & checked &, sure enough, it just wasn't printing... so they gave me $1.52 cash! :D My last full-price item was a $2 package of pipe cleaners. One of the sippy cups (the straw kind) got moldy & I couldn't get the gunk out of the straw. So, one pipe cleaner will be used for that & the rest will be saved for art projects! My daughter was VERY interested in them in the store, but at 2, I don't think she's ready for them yet.

So, I subscribe to e-mails from & she's been sharing her weekly goals with all of her readership as well as her progress on them. I know I don't have a following here, but if I pretend that more than 2 people will read this on any given day, maybe I could motivate myself to use that accountability to accomplish my own goals.
I've been struggling with my depression lately. I got the dose on my antidepressant lowered, but even on the higher dose I wasn't as functional as I would like. What's really been a struggle for me is creating structure for my day without a job. I do work part-time helping a friend who's disabled & babysitting for some other friends, but both of those together are rarely more than 10hrs/week & the babysitting is at my house. The rest of the time I just adapt to when my daughter & I need to eat & sleep & when her shows are on PBS (though we have 21 episodes of Signing Time & 11 episodes of Sesame Street recorded, a couple Veggie Tales DVDs & countless YouTube videos she likes when we "need" to entertain her... and we let her have entirely way too much screen time!)
So, I'm rambling, as I tend to do & nap time is nearing an end & I've accomplished nothing productive with the time...

My goals for today were/are:
Finish cleaning the bathroom in the basement (cleaned the shower yesterday)[edit: Check! Except the floor needs a lot more than the quick wipe-down I gave it...]
Go shopping at Meijer (check!)
Put away my daughter's laundry (check!)
Do the towels load of laundry(didn't want to start during nap time... ){Edit 2: Maybe tomorrow...}
Put outgrown baby clothes in storage. (These aren't even recently outgrown! I found them in a diaper bag we apparently hadn't used in over a year!!){This might still happen}
Put away the last of my laundry.{This might still happen}
Edit: I forgot to add that cleaning up that moldy cup & the rest of my kitchen mess was on my list for today, too. Cup is cleaned. Daughter is waking up, so the rest will have to wait just a bit...{She slept a lot longer than I thought! Main reason I actually got the bathroom cleaned.}

My weekly goal this week (I'm ahead of schedule on these, yay!) is to totally sort-out & reorganize my daughter's room & closet & re-hang the alphabet cards that were decorating the walls & fell down months ago. Actually, it was originally to re-organize the linen closet, but I already got that done. I got her closet cleaned out & only have a few things that I still need to find new homes for. With a lot of help from my hubby, we got the ABC cards back up last night! Yay! So, all that's left for her room is to sort out the catch-all drawer in her dresser & find homes for the misc stuff on top of her dresser & bookshelf.
Next week's goal is to deep-clean & re-organize the guest bathroom.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I did finish another pink bracelet today, but haven't taken a picture yet. During nap time I did that & then played Minecraft. Have you heard of this game? If not, avoid at all costs! I'm totally addicted! >_<

After dinner we talked with my hubby's brother & family via Skype. They live in PA so our daughter doesn't get to see her (only) cousins much. They were planning on coming to Thanksgiving at our house last year, but we were surprised with a new nephew instead! ;) He was born 11/11/11 & his big brother was born 8/8/08!! (& we were married 7/7/07 & our niece was born 5/4/06 or 4/5/06 if you write it the European way) Anyway, after that my hubby had to do HW for a class he's taking at work, so I broke down & got out the finger paints. Had to bribe her with her favorite TV show to get her to quit & allow me to do this. I feel bad that we let her have so much TV time, but she honestly learns ASL from the show, so I don't feel too terrible... So, I'm going to enjoy some ice cream & then maybe take my pictures of the bracelet. ;)

Edit: I also made earrings to match the fancy bracelet:

Here's the bracelet I finished today:

We get really excited about finger painting!