Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today's To-do list

Didn't get any more of yesterday's done after my last edit due to upset tummy & my back hurting. :/

Towels laundry(Washed & dried)[Still need to be folded & put away, but no hurry on that.]
Store outgrown baby clothes(check!)
Put away my laundry(check!)

Today's additions:
Babysit in the afternoon(extra long now, since my friend is sick. :/)
work in the evening
{TOMORROW}Dust(Dunno... I might put this off b/c my allergies are really bugging me! Actually, I just noticed that I had decided to switch dusting to Thursdays & kitchen-cleaning to Wednesdays)
Clean kitchen *groan*(I scrubbed the sink & vacuumed the floor & I'm calling "good enough" for today. Need my energy for the kiddos!)
I did pick up all the toys & such on the main floor before my babysit-ee arrived.

Details of what's left to do for my my weekly goal:
Figure out what to do with stuff from daughter's closet. Need to figure out what to do with some broken toys (battery operated.) Wish they could be fixed. :/ [Edit: I tried to look up places I could recycle them & didn't find much in my area.:/)
Need to figure out where to store some of the little baby stuff until #2 comes along & we need them again. :) Then I still have the drawer to clean out & dresser & bookcase to clear off.

Better get to it! ;)

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