Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting crafty again

I know I've been awful about posting anything business-y/crafty on here lately & just as/more awful about posting new listings on my Etsy site, but I have been making a few things in anticipation of the upcoming craft show!

Another flyer made by one of hte other CIE members:

I've also been trying to get the house cleaned up for Paul's birthday this weekend... er, tomorrow! He's turning the big 3-0!
I kinda worked against that goal the other day, though, when a friend's facebook post reminded me that I have a self-portrait I drew using my toes (yes, I have some really... odd... talents!) and I went in search of said portrait. I couldn't find it. I think I might have given it to my professor/adviser in college. I'm sure I have a photo of it somewhere, but the search continues... I did, however, find just about every other piece I had in my senior art show and then-some.... so I'm thinking about putting some of them back up for sale.
So, I've been trying to decide how to go about doing so... use my existing Etsy? Make a new Etsy site? Try to figure out E-Bay? Just post on facebook & accept cash or check? Some combination of the above...?
I put a poll up on facebook and even without that input I was leaning towards making a new Etsy... I'm just hesitant to try to maintain two active & one inactive Etsy sites when I'm already doing so poorly with the others. :P (The inactive one is Erdbeerkuche... the name was unique, but too hard for non-German-speakers to remember!)
So, moral of the story... after Paul's party I'm going to be in full-blown business mode to prep for the show & maybe start listing my college art.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Need to vent

Disregard this unless you like living others' misery vicariously....

Ugh! I just got a brand new comforter set with decorative pillows, shams & bed skirt b/c our sheets were fine, but some of the other things, esp. the comforters were getting worn. I have very sensitive skin, so I try to wash everything new in my dye & fragrance-free detergent before I wear/use it. Well, the washer clearly couldn't handle the comforter & pillows at the same time. I should have known better!
So, yeah, my whole laundry room got flooded, the comforter & one of the pillows are sporting new rips & everything but the shams & bed skirt wiped out all the gunk that was in the top of my washer... so the washer's cleaner than it's been in a while, but my brand new stuff now is in dire need of washing & I'm afraid to wash them, mostly because the water splashed on the plugs for the washer & dryer. Hopefully, once everything dries, I can try again... one at a time... and it'll just be that it was overfull & not an actual leak or anything like that... because we can't begin to afford a new washer. We just replaced our back doors & not long ago, our fridge, and didn't really have the extra money for those...
I've been seeing a number of doctors for various things... I'm thinking I need to put off some of them now until we actually have money for them. At least my glasses Rx didn't change so I can cont. to get as much use as I can out of my current glasses.
I am so not feeling ready for this craft show coming up... Idk... I'm going to quit whining & go get a shower.