Saturday, September 18, 2010

Being a bride again... sorta

It's not our anniversary, we're not renewing our vows & we're certainly not leaving the relation ship or anything... no, I get to re-live being a bride as I reminisce for my friend Rachel on her new blog about her dress-making business. She made my bridal gown, my bridesmaids' dresses and one of my prom gowns! She's also made dresses for some of my friends' weddings, proms, etc. as I recommend her to everyone in the area!
I was already featured a while back for OffBeatBride in this article. That was exciting too. :)
So, I have to figure out what I'm going to say.

In other news, I'm already almost done with my package for the Fall Swaperoo (see below) and excited about sending that off!
Here's the sneak peek I gave my recipient:

Amber started crawling on my birthday! (8/27) and she's all over the place now! She certainly keeps me busy!

There are about a zillion other things I could write about, but I'll stop here for now... ;)