Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's to-done list

I'm not feeling it today.
Yesterday, I got the shopping done, saved almost 34% on my total bill & that's not counting the fact that I used my $10 gift card from buying Pampers last time I was in! :) Our playdate at baby Jamie's house went great. Amber didn't want to leave!

Today, we went to the make-up session of gymnastics & Amber did much better than on Monday. Still, not great, but more what I expect of her as a 2yo & not so crazy all over the place as on Monday. I also felt better about the way the instructor did things today. The girls in this class seemed to be a tad further along than Amber's, but it's hard to say after so few sessions. *shrug*
It was very hot in the gym, though, & it's that time of month for me & I felt pretty miserable. We went to eat at Steak 'n' Shake for lunch. We went to the one I usually avoid b/c it gets so busy & crazy, but we got in before the rush. Unfortunately, we didn't get out before it hit & it took forever for me to just pay my bill so we could leave!
So, when we got home & I put Amber down for her nap, I was feeling pretty drained. The meal at Steak 'n' Shake did hit the spot & left me more energized, but I felt I had earned some relaxing craft time.
Amber totally fought her nap again. Then I got the call from my mom. I don't feel at liberty to share everything here right now, but it was big & more stress. I texted Paul to have him call me & talk about it & I spent most of the last hour or so writing something to deal with it & then talking to Paul when he got a chance to call me.
Sometimes, I really think I'd do better if my life could just be boring for a while. *sigh*
Well, sounds like Amber's up. Paul's getting off work soon & going to stop by some coffee place & get us drinks & then we're ordering Chinese tonight. We've been kinda bad about eating out this week, but it's all been inexpensive eating out, just not as inexpensive as eating in. (two trips to SnS w/coupons [though today was just me & Amber & I just got one meal w/an extra side], one order from Jimmy John's for delivery & now Chinese for delivery.)meh.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday's to-do list

Hasn't been written yet... heh. Now that the day's half-through! My daughter is fighting her nap mightily. :/ I really hope she calms down & sleeps soon, my hubby wants some shopping to get done today & we have a playdate after dinner & I'd like him to go, too, so the shopping needs to happen before he gets home. So, that kinda threw most of my other plans out the window. I'm going to use this time while she's (hopefully) napping to search for some coupons & plan the trip.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wenesday's (today) to-do list

I decided if I'm going to keep this up, I need to be more specific with my titles. I don't like to duplicate too much. :P

Yesterday, I only accomplished showering, getting my purse cleaned out & taking Amber to Prompt Care. She was exposed to impetigo at gymnastics & had a pustule on her cheek. The dr. said it probably wasn't impetigo, but wrote it up on the Rx order & prescribed a powerful antibiotic cream. It looks much better today, but I noticed it yesterday as I was about to go to the chiropractor's, so I cancelled that appointment.
Cleaning out my purse was way overdue! I'm glad I finally got it done. I found $10.76 in change, not counting the bicentennial quarter that was in there.

So, today, I'm mainly focusing on getting the rest of yesterday's to-do list done. I am adding some more laundry. I told Amber if she took a good nap we could go to the library. So...

diaper bag
basket in bedroom
wash, dry, fold & put away Amber's bedding & clothes
wash, dry, fold & put away my clothes
wash, dry & put away our bedding(2 loads)[Hubby made the bed while I was at work! My comforter was still damp when I went to bed, but I lived].

That should be more than enough to keep me busy. ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Today's to-do list

I kept my goals simple & got everything done yesterday! (Except that I decided against adding PT to my chiro appt today, but I didn't forget!)
Today's goals are to clean out my purse, the diaper bags, the laundry basket of random stuff in our room & finally do something about the leftover balloons from Amber's party.

Amber & I spent part of the morning sorting out my buttons by color. It was kinda cute until she started to just want to pour them from cup to cup & mix them all back up again. :P I should've taken a picture, but I didn't want to leave her alone with them, she still puts things in her mouth sometimes.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tomorrow's to-do list

Gymnastics, lunch, nap-time/ Me time?, shopping w/coupons! Playdate w/baby Jamie?

Ok, more specifically today: Take my Nexium, have breakfast, take my other meds, check Walgreens match-ups on CouponDivas (& other sites?), start my daughter's laundry, call chiropractor to see about having physical therapy as well as an adjustment tomorrow[decided against it], gymnastics, lunch, put Amber down for her nap, fold & put away my laundry, fold & put away towels, cycle A's laundry, start my hang-dry stuff, me time!, shopping w/coupons @ Meijer & Walgreens (& Target?), dinner, fold & put away Amber's laundry. [Already looked into a playdate & am planning on Thursday after dinner.]

So, gymnastics didn't go that well today. First of all, we were late b/c I forgot how to get there... and Amber was being all too much a two year-old! She couldn't sit still or focus on anything for any amount of time. She kept running off to jump on the trampolines & when we were trying to get her to do something a particular way, she kept fighting &/or running off. The usual instructor was sick today, so the alternate was there & she was barely involved at all. We still need to make up for missing last week. If she's better, her usual instructor will be leading the Thu afternoon session & the one who was there today will be leading Friday morning's. Usually, I couldn't go to either with her, but baby Jamie's grandma will be watching him this week (incl. Thu) and my moms' group isn't meeting on Friday this week or next. I'm tempted to make a point of going on Thursday and risk some of our playdate time w/baby Jamie in order to have the usual instructor rather than go on Friday & have this girl again. She explained to us parents how to do the different things & then, for the most part, just sat there watching. I'm sorry, this is a class for two-year-olds, they need hands-on guidance! I never took gymnastics, don't assume I know anything about it or, furthermore, how to explain it to my two-year-old! Grr.