Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tomorrow's to-do list

Gymnastics, lunch, nap-time/ Me time?, shopping w/coupons! Playdate w/baby Jamie?

Ok, more specifically today: Take my Nexium, have breakfast, take my other meds, check Walgreens match-ups on CouponDivas (& other sites?), start my daughter's laundry, call chiropractor to see about having physical therapy as well as an adjustment tomorrow[decided against it], gymnastics, lunch, put Amber down for her nap, fold & put away my laundry, fold & put away towels, cycle A's laundry, start my hang-dry stuff, me time!, shopping w/coupons @ Meijer & Walgreens (& Target?), dinner, fold & put away Amber's laundry. [Already looked into a playdate & am planning on Thursday after dinner.]

So, gymnastics didn't go that well today. First of all, we were late b/c I forgot how to get there... and Amber was being all too much a two year-old! She couldn't sit still or focus on anything for any amount of time. She kept running off to jump on the trampolines & when we were trying to get her to do something a particular way, she kept fighting &/or running off. The usual instructor was sick today, so the alternate was there & she was barely involved at all. We still need to make up for missing last week. If she's better, her usual instructor will be leading the Thu afternoon session & the one who was there today will be leading Friday morning's. Usually, I couldn't go to either with her, but baby Jamie's grandma will be watching him this week (incl. Thu) and my moms' group isn't meeting on Friday this week or next. I'm tempted to make a point of going on Thursday and risk some of our playdate time w/baby Jamie in order to have the usual instructor rather than go on Friday & have this girl again. She explained to us parents how to do the different things & then, for the most part, just sat there watching. I'm sorry, this is a class for two-year-olds, they need hands-on guidance! I never took gymnastics, don't assume I know anything about it or, furthermore, how to explain it to my two-year-old! Grr.

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