Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's to-done list

I'm not feeling it today.
Yesterday, I got the shopping done, saved almost 34% on my total bill & that's not counting the fact that I used my $10 gift card from buying Pampers last time I was in! :) Our playdate at baby Jamie's house went great. Amber didn't want to leave!

Today, we went to the make-up session of gymnastics & Amber did much better than on Monday. Still, not great, but more what I expect of her as a 2yo & not so crazy all over the place as on Monday. I also felt better about the way the instructor did things today. The girls in this class seemed to be a tad further along than Amber's, but it's hard to say after so few sessions. *shrug*
It was very hot in the gym, though, & it's that time of month for me & I felt pretty miserable. We went to eat at Steak 'n' Shake for lunch. We went to the one I usually avoid b/c it gets so busy & crazy, but we got in before the rush. Unfortunately, we didn't get out before it hit & it took forever for me to just pay my bill so we could leave!
So, when we got home & I put Amber down for her nap, I was feeling pretty drained. The meal at Steak 'n' Shake did hit the spot & left me more energized, but I felt I had earned some relaxing craft time.
Amber totally fought her nap again. Then I got the call from my mom. I don't feel at liberty to share everything here right now, but it was big & more stress. I texted Paul to have him call me & talk about it & I spent most of the last hour or so writing something to deal with it & then talking to Paul when he got a chance to call me.
Sometimes, I really think I'd do better if my life could just be boring for a while. *sigh*
Well, sounds like Amber's up. Paul's getting off work soon & going to stop by some coffee place & get us drinks & then we're ordering Chinese tonight. We've been kinda bad about eating out this week, but it's all been inexpensive eating out, just not as inexpensive as eating in. (two trips to SnS w/coupons [though today was just me & Amber & I just got one meal w/an extra side], one order from Jimmy John's for delivery & now Chinese for delivery.)meh.

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