Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another project done!

Almost there!


New work in progress!
I found this Gandhi quote (his name was supposed to be at the bottom, but didn't print for some reason.)& felt inspired. I was just going to print the quote on the transparency paper & frame it with the clouds photo (which I took) & hope that it'd have some dimension to it... but apparently I printed on the wrong side of the transparency paper. The ink just beaded up & didn't dry!

So, I used the wet ink to make a mirror print of the text on some scrapbook paper & I've begun the painstaking process of cutting out the letters & gluing them to the transparency paper (to still try for the dimension & to keep the spacing correct.)
I think I'll reinforce the shadows on the back side with a sharpie. :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fallen off the wagon again

I have...

So let's see... this week's daily goals:
Monday - Laundry (towels, bibs, etc.) - Done (today)
Tuesday - Bathroom (master) - Not done.
Wednesday - Kitchen (counters & tabletop) - Done (today)
Thursday - Dusting (wasn't sure where needed it most) - Not done.
Friday (Today) - Floors (kitchen) - Only partially done (spot cleaned).

Weekly goals:
Leftovers from previous weeks: Basket of stuff from daughter's closet & a few bigger items from her closet still need to find homes. The guest bathroom floor still needs a deep cleaning.
We inserted a different goal for this week, since stuff was bothering my husband: Clear the clutter from the kitchen counter & basement stairs & hall. I've made some progress on both. All that's left on the counter are things he needs to deal with & stuff that's actually being used.
Pretty much all that's left in the basement hall for me to deal with is one box of stuff & a bin that needs washed so we can use it. Stairs are pretty much cleared.

Finished the 7th flower on my shirt. I think two more smaller ones & I'll call it done.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Project Progress

Most of my progress in the last few days has been in my projects. I started & completed one since my last post, so I finally get to pose before and AFTER pics! :D

First, progress on my shirt I'm sewing little "flowers" on.
I'm not as happy with the last two as with the first few, but I'm still satisfied overall. :)

I showed a bunch of pants I got for my daughter at Goodwill a while ago. One of the khaki pairs had some stains on it. The more I looked as I started to embroider over them, the more I found! So, my before picture doesn't even show all of them.

And... AFTER! :D I'm very pleased with my results.

Since Blogger isn't letting you see larger versions on the pics anymore (??) I took some close-ups so you can see some of the more subtle colors that were close to the khaki color. :)

Oh! Also, one of my Valentine's gifts from my hubby was to get a custom-made glass lamp-work bead designed after my pet snake, Apep. I actually got it a while ago, but since it was meant for Valentine's day, I finally worked it onto a necklace today. :)