Friday, February 24, 2012


didn't make any real progress yesterday (except on my shirt embroidery... forgot to take a before pic.
Today, working on potty training... so have a naked kid dancing around! Hopefully, nap time will be productive... shower & then cleaning the bathroom & laundry room, too, if there's time!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Someone else's post

I had to share... because I identify with this WAY too much!

What have I accomplished today? Well, I fed myself & my daughter breakfast, lunch & snacks. Checked e-mail, facebook, this & Pinterest & looked up my hubby's sore throat symptoms that I didn't know he was having... and just laid my daughter down for a nap. Yup. That's about it. Once she's actually asleep I plan to go upstairs & continue cleaning the master bathroom & laundry room... or maybe not, since the baby boy I babysit will be here in about 15-20mins... *sigh*

It's craft night! A couple people may or may not show up at my house to craft tonight! I tried to plan this one in advance so people that've been wanting to come could request time off work... but they didn't get it off, so... I don't know if anyone's going to show up. I'm going to go embroider until baby boy shows up.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My mom took my daughter Monday night & kept her Tuesday so I could go to my appointments without toddler help. ;)
I went to three appointments. I had three appointments scheduled, but when I got to the third one, I was lucky one of my dentist's receptionists was there! The door was locked & everyone else was elsewhere at a meeting! They shouldn't have scheduled me when they did... shouldn't even have been able to! But they did, sent me an e-mail & text reminder & I confirmed & nobody caught it 'til I showed up! o.O The dr. is having surgery next month, so they couldn't get me back in 'til the 21st. Good thing I'm not in pain or anything... I'm perfectly content to delay my dental work/cleaning even longer! I was originally supposed ot have this appointment on Valentine's day, but when I realized it was Valentine's day I rescheduled.
Anyway, between & after all those appointments I got a bunch of laundry done & put away, fixed the ABC cards in my daughter's room (a couple had fallen down again & this was what I had in mind for those thumb tacks I painted! I'll post a pic later.) & worked on organizing my laundry room & master bathroom!
Got most of my organizing for both done. I threw out a lot of expired toiletries & such. :/ I feel kinda bad I didn't recycle more of the containers, but they were still pretty full (ugh) & didn't smell good anymore. Now I mainly need to focus on the deep cleaning... bleh.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chugging along

My daughter's with her grandparents today. I have about an hour before my next appointment. I needed a snack break, then I'll get back to it.
This week's weekly goal is the laundry room & master bath. After how long it took me to do the guest bathroom, I fear that may have been too optimistic a goal, but I have dug out a little determination to get on the ball & stay on schedule. I was ahead, but my hubby got frustrated with clutter he was dealing with daily & had me work on those other areas last week.
Today, so far, I've just accomplished yesterday's daily goal of getting my laundry done & my daughter's laundry put away.Plus, my therapy appointment. Now I have to focus on actually cleaning & organizing the laundry room & bathroom.
My next creative project is to take another shirt with an ink stain & cover it. I polled my friend on fb & from that I've decided to use some fabric (from holey socks!) to embroider on flowers with beaded (or maybe button) centers.
So far I've tried free-hand cutting out some flower shapes from one of the socks & I'm not sure I like them. I'm thinking maybe they'll look okay with the embroidery adding detail, but I'm not sure. Some of them look more like paint blobs & others look more like stars. :/

Oh, & for the laundry room, I plan to make some sort of bin/basket with compartments & label them for different things... I want a bin for mate-less socks, money found in the wash, used dryer sheets, stuff w/stains being pre-treated & maybe space for the pre-treater spray. I'm going to label the sock compartment "sock dating service" & the money one "laundered money." I wish I could think of some clever titles for the others! Any ideas?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lunch & pins

Tacks really... push-pins... thumb tacks... I just didn't care for the primary + green & white colors, so I broke out the nail polish & painted them more to my liking... so far so good. :)
BEFORE (except back row already has some polish on them)


For lunch I tried again something which I tried the other day & it came out even better... I call it pizza salad! So easy!
Pita chips, diced tomato, pepperonis, green olives & mozzarella cheese! :D Yum!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Pinterest Idea in action

Saw this idea on Pinterest & thought it'd be perfect for us, since my daughter has been obsessed with finger painting since I bought the paints. We had already used up all the special paper, so this was a timely discovery! :D

Signing "paint"

One of our cats even got in on the action!