Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chugging along

My daughter's with her grandparents today. I have about an hour before my next appointment. I needed a snack break, then I'll get back to it.
This week's weekly goal is the laundry room & master bath. After how long it took me to do the guest bathroom, I fear that may have been too optimistic a goal, but I have dug out a little determination to get on the ball & stay on schedule. I was ahead, but my hubby got frustrated with clutter he was dealing with daily & had me work on those other areas last week.
Today, so far, I've just accomplished yesterday's daily goal of getting my laundry done & my daughter's laundry put away.Plus, my therapy appointment. Now I have to focus on actually cleaning & organizing the laundry room & bathroom.
My next creative project is to take another shirt with an ink stain & cover it. I polled my friend on fb & from that I've decided to use some fabric (from holey socks!) to embroider on flowers with beaded (or maybe button) centers.
So far I've tried free-hand cutting out some flower shapes from one of the socks & I'm not sure I like them. I'm thinking maybe they'll look okay with the embroidery adding detail, but I'm not sure. Some of them look more like paint blobs & others look more like stars. :/

Oh, & for the laundry room, I plan to make some sort of bin/basket with compartments & label them for different things... I want a bin for mate-less socks, money found in the wash, used dryer sheets, stuff w/stains being pre-treated & maybe space for the pre-treater spray. I'm going to label the sock compartment "sock dating service" & the money one "laundered money." I wish I could think of some clever titles for the others! Any ideas?

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