Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My mom took my daughter Monday night & kept her Tuesday so I could go to my appointments without toddler help. ;)
I went to three appointments. I had three appointments scheduled, but when I got to the third one, I was lucky one of my dentist's receptionists was there! The door was locked & everyone else was elsewhere at a meeting! They shouldn't have scheduled me when they did... shouldn't even have been able to! But they did, sent me an e-mail & text reminder & I confirmed & nobody caught it 'til I showed up! o.O The dr. is having surgery next month, so they couldn't get me back in 'til the 21st. Good thing I'm not in pain or anything... I'm perfectly content to delay my dental work/cleaning even longer! I was originally supposed ot have this appointment on Valentine's day, but when I realized it was Valentine's day I rescheduled.
Anyway, between & after all those appointments I got a bunch of laundry done & put away, fixed the ABC cards in my daughter's room (a couple had fallen down again & this was what I had in mind for those thumb tacks I painted! I'll post a pic later.) & worked on organizing my laundry room & master bathroom!
Got most of my organizing for both done. I threw out a lot of expired toiletries & such. :/ I feel kinda bad I didn't recycle more of the containers, but they were still pretty full (ugh) & didn't smell good anymore. Now I mainly need to focus on the deep cleaning... bleh.


  1. I am jealous. I would love some one to take my kiddos for a bit. I probably wouldn't be quite as productive as you though. ;)

  2. :) It took a lot of determination to get what I did done! It is nice that my mom can take her occasionally. Too bad you aren't in the area anymore, we could trade babysitting hours!