Friday, March 2, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday

I know it's Friday, Thrift Store Thursday happened yesterday & now I'm telling you about it! ;)
One of my friends & I made it to Goodwill a little before closing... just long enough to look around & make a few good finds. :)
She found Yak Trax (sp?) shoe covers for dealing w/iciness. It was a pair in good condition, still w/the box. She says they usually retail for about $25 & they were a little over $3! :)
I found a bunch of stuff & spent a little over $37.
Not pictured: Disney Pixies sticker book I got for our niece.
Included in my purchase: the white crate, silver heart confetti, black turntable/lazy susan, jewelry display, 2 crystal candle holders, 5 men's shirts for my hubby (1 on far right doesn't fit & the black one next to it fits weird) and 6 children's books. :D
I put the turntable to use in our pantry w/some canned goods. I would have preferred to get a two-tiered one that was a tad bigger, but it's not every day you find something like this for 96cents! :D

Here are some of my projects I'm working on... the second ink-stained shirt (which I forgot to take a "before" picture of.) WIP:

This is going to be a pillow with all the birth stats of the little boy I babysit for. His first birthday was yesterday. Belated gift, for sure!

It's getting stormy out. I so very much just want to go back to bed! Not going to my mom's group today. Hope I can be productive in some way...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Lots of traffic today all of a sudden! Not surprised that a lot of it's from Pinterest. What's

In other news... Swagbucks!

I joined Swagbucks! If you wanna join & help me out, please use this link!
Swagbucks is an online rewards program where you can earn points/Swagbucks by using their search engine, playing games, printing coupons, watching videos & much more. Then you can redeem the points for gift cards. :)
So, yeah, my plans for yesterday all got thrown out the window b/c kiddo got sick & I had to drive down to my mom's (an hour away) & get her. Not sure what's wrong. She was running a really low-grade fever, acting really clingy & whiny & didn't hardly eat anything all day. When I got there, she had finally stopped crying & was just curled up in my mom's lap looking all pitiful. She brightened up a bit when I showed up & curled up in my lap instead, but then I got her to drink some juice (was thinking she might be backed up a little) and eat some crackers & then she started acting more like her usual self. All the juices & fruit we'd given her finally did their thing after we got back home & that did seem to improve her mood some, but she still hardly touched her dinner, though she asked for noodles, so she had some appetite. She ate some crackers & a cookie later, so maybe the pasta & sauce was just too heavy right then. She's been extra sleepy as well.
I feel really bad. I was supposed to babysit for the neighbors this morning, but one of their kids has a compromised immune system due to her treatments for ITP [btw, for those who are so inclined, prayers for this little girl are greatly appreciated. She & her twin brother are about to turn one.] so we can't risk going over there with a sick kid & I didn't think to warn her yesterday. I feel so selfish! I was so focused on all MY plans that got screwed up & forgot that it would mess up her plans to go to the dentist, too. I hope her tooth isn't hurting her. :/ She was able to reschedule for the 19th & I was able to reschedule my one appointment I missed yesterday for next Tuesday. Then it took me another hour or so to realize that the parents of my other babysitting charge might not want to expose him either! At least he wasn't due to be here 'til 2ish, so they have some time to get another sitter.
My daughter woke up & was clearly feverish. She felt like she was burning up to me & her face was all flushed. Our thermometer said her temp was 99.1, but I don't believe it. I'm going to get a new one when I got pick up my Rx.
Maybe I can catch up on some things today, since my other obligations have been canceled now! With as clingy as my daughter was being yesterday, I'm not counting on much except nap time.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Today: Shower
Re-hem my friend's pants
Laundry(1 load washed... better go put it in the dryer now that I'm thinking of it!)[Edit 2: Three loads washed, two dried & none folded.]
Pinterest Project
Pack daughter's overnight bag & make sure car seat gets moved to hubby's car. This will be the 1st time our daughter will ride in his car in her entire life!
Clean guest bathroom floor (yeah, that's still on my list)

Tomorrow: Clean master bathroom floor
Sort stuff in laundry basket from daughter's closet, etc.
Clean laundry room
Wash old stuffed animals
Go through dry clean stuff
Bleach whites
Eye dr. appointment
GI dr. appointment[Rescheduled b/c daughter got sick]
Pick up daughter

Sometime this week: Work on master bedroom & closet
I'm sure I thought of some other things a minute ago, but this is plenty to get me started...

As promised, pics of the alphabet cards pinned up in my daughter's room. Maybe someday I'll paint some more pins & pin the bottoms, too.