Monday, February 27, 2012


Today: Shower
Re-hem my friend's pants
Laundry(1 load washed... better go put it in the dryer now that I'm thinking of it!)[Edit 2: Three loads washed, two dried & none folded.]
Pinterest Project
Pack daughter's overnight bag & make sure car seat gets moved to hubby's car. This will be the 1st time our daughter will ride in his car in her entire life!
Clean guest bathroom floor (yeah, that's still on my list)

Tomorrow: Clean master bathroom floor
Sort stuff in laundry basket from daughter's closet, etc.
Clean laundry room
Wash old stuffed animals
Go through dry clean stuff
Bleach whites
Eye dr. appointment
GI dr. appointment[Rescheduled b/c daughter got sick]
Pick up daughter

Sometime this week: Work on master bedroom & closet
I'm sure I thought of some other things a minute ago, but this is plenty to get me started...

As promised, pics of the alphabet cards pinned up in my daughter's room. Maybe someday I'll paint some more pins & pin the bottoms, too.


  1. I love those cards. Can't believe how organized you are. I envy that.

    1. Ha! I am SO not organized! There's a reason you can't see the floor or any surfaces in those pics! ;) I got those cards before she was born... it only took me a little over two years to get them to stay up there... ;)
      Thanks though! I guess fake it 'til you make it, right? :P