Friday, March 2, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday

I know it's Friday, Thrift Store Thursday happened yesterday & now I'm telling you about it! ;)
One of my friends & I made it to Goodwill a little before closing... just long enough to look around & make a few good finds. :)
She found Yak Trax (sp?) shoe covers for dealing w/iciness. It was a pair in good condition, still w/the box. She says they usually retail for about $25 & they were a little over $3! :)
I found a bunch of stuff & spent a little over $37.
Not pictured: Disney Pixies sticker book I got for our niece.
Included in my purchase: the white crate, silver heart confetti, black turntable/lazy susan, jewelry display, 2 crystal candle holders, 5 men's shirts for my hubby (1 on far right doesn't fit & the black one next to it fits weird) and 6 children's books. :D
I put the turntable to use in our pantry w/some canned goods. I would have preferred to get a two-tiered one that was a tad bigger, but it's not every day you find something like this for 96cents! :D

Here are some of my projects I'm working on... the second ink-stained shirt (which I forgot to take a "before" picture of.) WIP:

This is going to be a pillow with all the birth stats of the little boy I babysit for. His first birthday was yesterday. Belated gift, for sure!

It's getting stormy out. I so very much just want to go back to bed! Not going to my mom's group today. Hope I can be productive in some way...

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