Monday, July 22, 2013

Anniversary Weekend Part 2

Sunday, the 7th was our actual anniversary.
I failed at actually finishing this post in a timely manner...

After our rough night at the hotel, we skipped our original plan of me going to church with my friends Tammy & our sons. It worked out to give us plenty of time to have a leisurely breakfast (& even some lunch - our leftovers from Sat) & pack up for check-out. We didn't get our revised plans all hammered out before check-out, however. Paul & I left & went to Tammy's house a little before she originally expected to be getting home. She thought she had extra time & did some grocery shopping. So, we drove around the corner & shopped at a Walgreens & then headed back when Tammy said she was done.
We exchanged some gifts and visited at her house for a bit.

We were planning to go to the zoo, but it turns out it's closed on Sundays. We ended up going to Grant's Farm. The "Farm" is basically a zoo/wildlife refuge in itself! They have ELEPHANTS!
It was a lot hotter than forecasted, but the kids enjoyed it a lot and it was nice to visit.
The kids were enjoying their gifts on the way home after the farm.

They didn't do as well on the way home as on the way down. They both fell asleep after we stopped for our fancy anniversary dinner at Subway in East St. Louis... :P
Kevin ended up fussing & crying most of the rest of the way home. We stopped at my mom's place & he was happy to get out & visit grandma & grandpa, but he still cried most of the last hour home.
Amber slept through most of it. After she did wake up, I was able to keep her from freaking out by pointing out the lightning bugs outside. We had what could have been a rather magical moment admiring them - if it weren't for Kevin screaming through it. It was a rough drive, but we made it home without anything tragic happening.