Monday, May 26, 2014

I haven't posted in nearly a year!

I want to write down a dream I had.


Violence, gore and magic are all in this dream.
It started out bad, but ended badass!

So, I was some sort of magic-user, who fought (mostly undead) witches and warlocks who used black magic. I had a whole group of supporters with me. We had followed some clues, used some magic and found our way to the evil-doers underground lair ["from whence there shall be no return!" except I have the background knowledge that I've already been there twice before and emerged victorious.] and the baddies also have a large group of followers. Various fights break out physically and magically. As the leader, I'm immune to most all of the magic attacks, but I'm pretty much my real self physically and thus scared $#!+less about actually being attacked. This is the bad part of the dream, along with some of the tense moments leading up as we tried to follow the clues and such to get here.
Then, I spot him: the warlock leader (though everyone, male and female, were "witches" in the dream) He looked like a big 19th century business man. Big in social stature, physical stature and girth. We are, apparently, immune to each others' magic, so when I catch his eye with my glare he laughs. Surely this little slip of a girl can't overcome his mass!
I attack. I jump and climb onto his shoulders and start strangling him. We grapple. I claw at him with my fingernails, and then I manage to get a punch in to his throat. I've managed to keep him mostly on the defensive and now he's fighting to breath. I continue to focus on his neck. I get him down to the floor and see a guy next to me who I assume is on my team. I offer to let him deal the death-blow. He smiles and holds out his fist, then dangles a charm that says "uninjured."
I curse. He's on the other team. He's threatening to heal his leader to the point that he's "uninjured." This could be the end of me. Do I risk removing my strangle-hold on the leader to fight off this guy? Or do I try to finish the leader before the charm can take effect?
I opt for a little of both. I was kind of sitting on the leader guy with my left hand pushing his chin up and the other right where his clavicles meet to expose his neck. I move my knee up where my right hand was and back-hand smack the charm out of the other guy's hand. I get lucky and it flies away and shatters. I bring my hand back in for the death blow and just keep going until the guy is beheaded. The other guy balks and flees at some point.
I stand and lift the head and look around. Fighting ceases.
A tall, skinny, hawkish woman who is(was) their second in command tells me something like "next time, you will not win!"
I've dropped the head and I practically dance over to her holding up my thumb and first two fingers, "Three! I'm three-for-three b!+@#! I AM victorious!" and I begin to leave with my followers.
This is where my hubby came in and woke me up to see why I was sleeping so late (I'd been up half the night for no discernible reason)and start his laundry. Back to the mundane.