Sunday, March 4, 2012


The black boxes are on purpose... for privacy. The section I'm working on now is the time he was born... 1:14PM I intended to go back & put the "P" in later... the misplaced ":" however... I have to figure out. *sigh*

Everything in that color is one continuous thread starting with the knot that is the period by the "M" (which is why I was planning to get back to (& end at) the "P." I figure either I can carefully undo everything I've done up to & including the ":" or I can just snip the thread between the two dots & only undo those stitches, leaving a gap between the 1 & 4, & use the excess thread to tie knots at either end. I think I have enough space to do the latter, so I'll try it & hope it doesn't look awful. *facepalm*

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