Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day "off"

My mom took my daughter again last night/today, so I get most of a day "off" from kiddo to try & get things done. Last night, I finished embroidering the pillow for baby Jamie. Today, I ate breakfast, got a shower, finished the pillow, ate a snack & then lunch, wandered around trying to decide what to do next a few times, printed out my student loan tax form (this was more complicated than it should have been x3, especially considering it should have been mailed to us.), cleaned up 3 cat pukes* and wasted a bunch of time on the internet... which I'm kinda doing some more of now. *sigh* I have 45mins 'til my 1st appointment & from then 1hr & 15 'til the 2nd. Then I have to figure out getting little Booger back home.
My step-dad's father passed away early yesterday morning, so I was kinda surprised Mom & he were ok taking my daughter for the night, but they decided she was a welcome diversion. I'm not sure how to feel about his passing. He was not a nice person to me or most of the family. My step-dad called him by his first name, not "Dad."

*About the cat puke: one of our cats has Inflammatory Bowel Disease which flares up from time to time & makes her get sick all over. It's bad when it does, she pukes until her esophagus tears & bleeds & she loses her appetite & we have to give her steroids, Pepcid AC & eventually a human anti-anxiety pill that acts as an appetite stimulant for cats. We call this her "happy pill" as it makes her feel much better & she acts extra lovey & affectionate... & also tries to eat everything.

I guess I better at least fold some towels before my appointments. Bleh.

Oh! A pic of the pillow! (His parents loved it when they saw the work-in-progress & his mom loved her picture frame & pics & the cards I made. :D )

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