Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saving Money$$

Trying to anyway. I check out a lot of daily deal sites, coupon sites & am trying to pay closer attention to things when I'm shopping &/or sending my hubby shopping. This is on my mind since I did the shopping at Meijer today & managed to save 25% off my total bill. It's not the 75-90% the "crazy coupon ladies" can get, but I'm not about to make couponing a full or even part-time job. I would like to get the Sunday paper, but for now I just satisfy myself with what we get through other mailings & online.
Today's big difference was that I took a little more time perusing the ad & trying to only get sale items & then use as many coupons as I could(which ended up only being 5, one of which was on the product.) One of my sale items didn't come up sale price & I didn't catch it. :/ There were a couple other things I needed that weren't on sale, but one of them had a register rewards thing that was supposed to print if I bought 3 & it didn't. I checked with cust. service & they went & checked &, sure enough, it just wasn't printing... so they gave me $1.52 cash! :D My last full-price item was a $2 package of pipe cleaners. One of the sippy cups (the straw kind) got moldy & I couldn't get the gunk out of the straw. So, one pipe cleaner will be used for that & the rest will be saved for art projects! My daughter was VERY interested in them in the store, but at 2, I don't think she's ready for them yet.

So, I subscribe to e-mails from MoneySavingMom.com & she's been sharing her weekly goals with all of her readership as well as her progress on them. I know I don't have a following here, but if I pretend that more than 2 people will read this on any given day, maybe I could motivate myself to use that accountability to accomplish my own goals.
I've been struggling with my depression lately. I got the dose on my antidepressant lowered, but even on the higher dose I wasn't as functional as I would like. What's really been a struggle for me is creating structure for my day without a job. I do work part-time helping a friend who's disabled & babysitting for some other friends, but both of those together are rarely more than 10hrs/week & the babysitting is at my house. The rest of the time I just adapt to when my daughter & I need to eat & sleep & when her shows are on PBS (though we have 21 episodes of Signing Time & 11 episodes of Sesame Street recorded, a couple Veggie Tales DVDs & countless YouTube videos she likes when we "need" to entertain her... and we let her have entirely way too much screen time!)
So, I'm rambling, as I tend to do & nap time is nearing an end & I've accomplished nothing productive with the time...

My goals for today were/are:
Finish cleaning the bathroom in the basement (cleaned the shower yesterday)[edit: Check! Except the floor needs a lot more than the quick wipe-down I gave it...]
Go shopping at Meijer (check!)
Put away my daughter's laundry (check!)
Do the towels load of laundry(didn't want to start during nap time... ){Edit 2: Maybe tomorrow...}
Put outgrown baby clothes in storage. (These aren't even recently outgrown! I found them in a diaper bag we apparently hadn't used in over a year!!){This might still happen}
Put away the last of my laundry.{This might still happen}
Edit: I forgot to add that cleaning up that moldy cup & the rest of my kitchen mess was on my list for today, too. Cup is cleaned. Daughter is waking up, so the rest will have to wait just a bit...{She slept a lot longer than I thought! Main reason I actually got the bathroom cleaned.}

My weekly goal this week (I'm ahead of schedule on these, yay!) is to totally sort-out & reorganize my daughter's room & closet & re-hang the alphabet cards that were decorating the walls & fell down months ago. Actually, it was originally to re-organize the linen closet, but I already got that done. I got her closet cleaned out & only have a few things that I still need to find new homes for. With a lot of help from my hubby, we got the ABC cards back up last night! Yay! So, all that's left for her room is to sort out the catch-all drawer in her dresser & find homes for the misc stuff on top of her dresser & bookshelf.
Next week's goal is to deep-clean & re-organize the guest bathroom.

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