Saturday, February 4, 2012

Last couple days...

I want to go work on my project I started (inspired by something I found on Pinterest)... but I have a snuggly kitty.

So, my daily goal yesterday was to clean the floors. Didn't happen. Weekends are my catch-up time. I really need to vacuum b/c I started the afore mentioned project on Thursday & it's made a big mess of my carpet!

Here's a link to the inspiration for the project I'm working on.

Thursday was really nice, so I actually took my daughter for a walk & we played at the park for a bit. I had my craft night & one friend showed up (wasn't expecting a big turn-out for this one.) so we hung out. She looked up knitting patterns & I worked on my new rug.

I got some more awareness ribbon charms today. A different style, from Michael's. I haven't done any more with that because I haven't heard much from the lady who commissioned me for the pink bracelets. We went to the Verizon store today & dumped Sprint. Ate out at Schlotzky's & swung by Michael's.
I did sort out the catch-all drawer in my daughter's dresser, so all that's left of the weekly goal are the few things on top of her dresser & bookshelf & finding homes for the few things out of her closet that're currently in our guest room.
Well, cat left me... time to work on the rug while my little Booger's still napping!

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