Sunday, January 29, 2012


I did finish another pink bracelet today, but haven't taken a picture yet. During nap time I did that & then played Minecraft. Have you heard of this game? If not, avoid at all costs! I'm totally addicted! >_<

After dinner we talked with my hubby's brother & family via Skype. They live in PA so our daughter doesn't get to see her (only) cousins much. They were planning on coming to Thanksgiving at our house last year, but we were surprised with a new nephew instead! ;) He was born 11/11/11 & his big brother was born 8/8/08!! (& we were married 7/7/07 & our niece was born 5/4/06 or 4/5/06 if you write it the European way) Anyway, after that my hubby had to do HW for a class he's taking at work, so I broke down & got out the finger paints. Had to bribe her with her favorite TV show to get her to quit & allow me to do this. I feel bad that we let her have so much TV time, but she honestly learns ASL from the show, so I don't feel too terrible... So, I'm going to enjoy some ice cream & then maybe take my pictures of the bracelet. ;)

Edit: I also made earrings to match the fancy bracelet:

Here's the bracelet I finished today:

We get really excited about finger painting!

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