Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Update-y Update-y

I'm in a pretty good mood today. I might go back & update on all that I did & didn't accomplish in regards to my daily & weekly goals, but I have other things to talk about right now... Like, shopping! :D

My daughter stayed the night Monday night & most of Tuesday at my mom & step-dad's because I had a couple appointments on Tuesday I couldn't really take her along to. After my second appointment, I went to Goodwill & scored some good deals!

I got all this for $53.80!

I got myself a pair of jeans, two plastic bins w/handles (for sorting art supplies in my daughter's closet.), 5 skeins of yarn for a friend, a Ziploc bin w/lid, a Dymo label maker & extra labeling tape (both for $5, the refills alone are normally $7.75!), four glass candlestick holders, 6 plastic containers w/lids(still in original packaging!), a nerf-type football still in shrink-wrap, two pairs of khakis (one w/a stain I didn't notice.. but that's ok, if I can't wash it out I can embroider over it.) & 7 pairs of jeans for my daughter; ranging in size from 24mo-5T. :D

Saturday, I went with a friend to the mall. She had to observe teenagers in their natural habitat ;P for a class & we each had something to return/exchange. We accomplished those goals & went to Old Navy where I got all this:

...for $36.56! The socks were $1/pair (which I think they usually are, if you buy at least 5.) & the shirts were all on clearance. There are 7 shirts there. I got the blue & white striped one in 2T & 3T. The black shirt is 4T & the rest are 3T. The socks are all 2/3T. She's wearing 16mo-2T stuff now, so all these new clothes should last a while. All the shirts are long-sleeved, so I hope she won't buzz through wearing 3T in one summer, but I doubt it. ;)

So, I thought I'd share some pics of my rug project I was talking about:

Just getting started...

One of my "helpers."

The mess made from cutting up towels!


More progress!

So, the post I found on Pinterest says the mat should take about 2hrs to complete... Idk how much is due to my not being able to find a base like she had or what super mechanical robot-like cutting & tying skills this lady has, but I have over 2hrs in this already & this is as far as I've gotten! o.O

I have another project I want to post about & I want to show you what I made my best friend for her birthday (only a little belatedly)... but those will wait. I feel like being productive! :D

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