Thursday, February 9, 2012

Work-in-Progress & a gift

Another project I'm working on is to cover up the stains on a couple shirts with fabric flowers (that I'm making & sewing on.) I'm pretty sure this technique has a name already, but I have no idea what it is... there are probably easier ways to do it, too, but I'm just winging it!
Also, I'll post pics of the earrings & bracelet I made for my best friend's birthday (which was the 5th) since she received the package today. :)
The first flower & the ink stains I couldn't get out.
Back view of the first flower. I'm using a kinda silky embroidery floss. Dunno how comfy this'll be against my skin, but I usually layer this shirt anyway.
I thought for the second one that it'd be a good idea to sew the loose end down so that it would be neatly tucked under the flower when it was done. This turned out to be a mistake.
So, I snipped it & worked with two strips of fabric instead.
Then, I managed to do this!
A little snipping saved the day again! Hope those holes don't come back to bite me when I wash the shirt!
So far they look alright, I think! :)

Since then, I've gotten more done & am now working on my fourth flower! :) I plan to keep going up the neck, maybe to the shoulder seam. I've been debating about embroidering leaves, vines/curlicues or such around the flowers & on the hem (is it a hem on the neckline or something else?) with the same thread I'm using, so, if any bits of thread show around the edges of the flowers, they won't look so out of place. What do you think?

AND, here's the jewelry I made for bestie! :)

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