Thursday, March 14, 2013

Central IL Etsians & my Family Update

I've stepped down, so I'm no longer Team Captain of the Central IL Etsians. I (finally) had another team member step up & volunteer so I could focus on my growing little family. :D
I'm so happy! I feel such relief! I've been feeling so guilty for neglecting the group & not helping make it all that it could be. I'm hoping our new leader will be up to the task, and I believe she will be!

In other news, little Kevin is growing like a weed! Both of my kids are. They're both getting into size 3s... him in 3month clothes (while only 6 weeks old!) and she in 3T (shirts anyway, pants are still too long - and she's been 3 since the end of last year)...
He's a good baby & she's a good helper. I'm tired a lot trying to keep up with them... and trying to get some time to myself. I was "bad" again last night & stayed up too late finishing a book. Of course, that meant it was one of those nights that he didn't sleep as well as usual. I don't think I slept more than 2hrs at a time. Bleh. Most nights he puts in a 6hr stretch, or at least four... and he did put in a 3-4hr stretch at the beginning, but I was reading. Then, late in the morning he did another longer stretch, but I had to go help Amber.


  1. Monica, what was the good book and are you trying the Babywise system for getting him to sleep thru the night? It has worked well for my 2 nieces and my grandbaby - not perfect, but lots better than my guys did.

    1. I'm sorry I JUST saw this, more than a month later!! >_< I've been neglecting my blog, but Kevin is sleeping through the night (most nights)now without any specific system or anything. We've been lucky with our kids being pretty good sleepers. :)
      I'm not sure which book it was, I've gone through quite a few lately during those night-time nursing sessions. :)