Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just a Little Update

Just noticed I'd missed a comment on my last post & it'd been over a month ago, so I thought I'd check in!
My kids are still growing like crazy, especially my son! He's about 14lbs now & not yet 3 months old! Nights are starting to go better, generally, as he tends to sleep through the night. :)
My mom's been doing great with her new business venture: PJ's Place. So, I asked if she'd be willing to help me out with my jewelry. She said yes & she's been photographing the pieces I've had done for a while and been meaning to list on my Etsy page. She's going to help with the actual listing and my facebook page.

So, I've noticed a major trend on Pinterest & other sites... everybody's into Ombré!
So, I had a little fun on Thursday when I realized I had a LOT of different brown/tan nail polishes. I've always liked kinda different colors, but I didn't realize I'd acquired so many browns... so I managed to paint my nails this way... pardon my messy edges.

I've also been working on a new ombré necklace. Right now it's half-finished. It'll be four matching strands (with a clasp) when it's finished:

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