Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ups & Downs

The last few days have been full of them. Saturday we didn't do a whole lot. Sunday I went with Amber to a friend's house about an hour away. She slept most of the way there & did fine at the party. It was in celebration of my friend & her husband's first anniversary and the fact that all of her bridesmatrons (incl. me) have had or are having babies. Actually, that includes all of their groomsmen too! The first two bridesmatrons & groomsmen were married couples. Her bro & sister in law & their mutual friends. Paul was an usher & one of her husband's friends was the groomsman that escorted me. He & his wife have four children, their most recent a 7month old daughter. Her brother & sis-in-law just had their second daughter on Amber's due date (i.e. the day before Amber was actually born) but their baby was about a month premature. The other couple are about six months pregnant with a boy (their 1st child)& due on my & Paul's anniversary.

Here we all are with our hostess front & center, not pictured are my husband (not there) & her husband (taking the picture.)

Her older niece was being really cute & reading to Amber;

My friend's younger niece & Amber, with birthdays just one day apart!

The ride home,however, was torturous! Amber screamed the whole way!! I tried talking to her, singing to her, playing music, playing static. I stopped & got her calmed down & she even smiled at me! As soon as we hit the highway again though, she was screaming again.

She was completely worn out when she got home & fell asleep in Daddy's lap!

She is currently being entirely too wiggly while nursing & making this difficult!

Monday/Yesterday started out kinda rough. We got a slow start & she spit up all over my outfit so I had to change & ended up being a half hour late.
At work though, we got all caught up on the E-text & now we're just working to get ahead. :)

Today She actually slept through my whole shower & we're both pretty much ready to go with time to spare! Hopefully this'll continue I'll actually make it to work on time!! *finger's crossed*

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