Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Swap!

Sorry I haven't updated, but I do have news... not only the spring swaperoo (pics further down!) but also a spring craft show with my Central IL Etsians group. Fellow Etsy sellers will be gathering in the clubhouse in MY neighborhood to sell their (our) wares! April 30th, 10:30-3:45. It's kinda exciting (and nerve-wracking) to be one of the organizers for such an event. I've made a few new pieces, but I plan to make a bunch more before the show!

Now for the swap!
Christine in ID sent me a (handmade, I assume) dolly for Amber that smells like Cinnamon! & a big wooden letter A, super soft green hand towels, an Easter plate, a bunny cookie cutter & sugar cookie mix & a little organizer container of natural stone beads! Yay! :D

Here's everything!

Amber loving on her dolly;

Amber checking out everything else in the package;

She tried to open the package!

Amber wanted to check it all out again... then she started pulling out & pulling apart the tissue paper! :P


Amber's reaction when I said we would make the cookies later...


  1. Oh Yay...I'm so glad you got them!!! I forgot to mention that with the doll, please feel free to trim off the buttons and ribbon on her skirt until Amber gets older. I fear I have an embellishment addiction and can't seem to leave them off when I am creating these dolls! Lol!! I hope your Spring is fabulous and good luck with the Craft Show. It soulds like it will be a ton of fun!!!

  2. Thanks!
    She's fine with the button & ribbon. She thought the button made the dolly into a phone... lots of things are phones these days! ;)