Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today is Tuesday

I've been trying to keep my goals small each day so I actually accomplish things & I've been a little discouraged by how much I've put off even those small goals, but I'm feeling better today with the progress I've made so far!
Took all my meds
Took the cats to the vet for immunizations
Ate our leftovers for lunch & laid Amber down to nap
Put away the random stuff from that laundry basket that I've been putting off for weeks
Called & made appointments w/my counselor
Arranged for my mom to babysit during those appointments:D

That's where we are now... Probably have at least 30-45mins left of nap time & then about an hour to my chiro/PT appt. Trying to decide if I want to try & do more productive stuff or do a little crafty stuff. I'm thinking I'll sort photos for scrapbooking.
When we go out, either before or after my appt., I also need to stop by the eye dr's & pick up my new glasses & I'm thinking I'll go to the consignment shop & see if I can find her some more warm weather PJs, shoes & whatever. :)

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