Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Still livin'

I gave up most of my facebook time for Lent, but I guess I didn't do so good in that I created this blog instead and now that I'm not limiting my facebook usage as severely I'm neglecting the blog...
Paul & Amber & I just got back from a big trip! We went to Traverse City, MI for Paul's cousin's wedding, but we made a couple stops along the way there & back to visit more family & friends. We were gone for five days (a friend stayed & watched the house, cats & my snake.) A lot of "firsts" for Amber. First night in a hotel; first time meeting her aunt & uncle & cousins from PA in person; first time out of the state; first wedding attended; first time in a swimming pool.... etc...
She still isn't too fond of her carseat & there were some rough times while driving in unfamiliar territory with a screaming baby, but on the whole it was a nice trip. :)
Back to work today. I'm actually not looking forward to it. There's been a lot of confusion over this one thing, and I've been gone a week & a half (Amber was sick before we left, so I just took the week off so we wouldn't have to pay the daycare for two weeks when we'd be getting less than one.) so I'm going to have to get back in the swing of things. I really do love my job & my co-workers, but some mornings I kinda wish I'd gone stay-at-home Mom.

Funny, ten years ago I figured I'd be working on a doctoral degree by now and here I have little education beyond my bachelor's and I've given thought to staying home! I don't think there's anything wrong with either option, just funny how divergent they seem & how I've changed & how I haven't.

OK, writing down a to-do list for myself; unpack, laundry, put things away, drop off recycling, work on putting stuff together for my summer swaperoo, and work on the craft projects I've started... need to clean the snake's cage, like weeks ago... :/ and prepare for this weekend, people coming over Friday night, celebrating our Egyptian exchange student's birthday on Sat & going down to my sister's HS graduation on Sun (hour-long drive)...

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