Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Swaperoo!

I got a box! Layla has to check out the box... It came from Lyndsey in Utah! :)

As I start to pull out the goodies, both cats have to check things out...

Leela thinks there are some interesting smells in there. I loved that the whole box smelled of cranberry-mandarin candles & mango lotion! :)

Leela thought the box was perfect for sitting in...

Amber tries on her sunglasses... Perfect! This was my favorite part b/c we NEEDED some for her!

Now Layla decides to sit in the box! As you can see, it took me a while to get to the bottom of things!

This cute plaque matched Amber's decor perfectly! How'd she know??

A picnic for two!

Not these two!! :P

So, all in all I got the daughter plaque, the red, white & blue hanging plaque, three wooden blocks that spell USA on one side & SUN on the other, two placemats, four cups & four plates, 16 candles, two magnetic pads of paper for planning, baby sunglasses & a sample lotion! :D

Extra bonus; I'd been looking all over the house for a box the right size to ship my package for JoDell & none were quite right, but this box was just about perfect! So I re-used it! :) I sent it at the last minute :/ but I spent the extra dollar for priority mail, so it should get there in a couple days. :)

In other news, Amber's had a nasty cough, so we went to the dr., but she said it's ok, it's just a cold & that we could use grown-up Vick's on her since all the baby Vick's has lavender in it... which I'm allergic to.
I randomly got sick this morning and then had no other symptoms all day... so, unlikely as it is, I'm going to take a pregnancy test in the morning & another the next morning, just to be sure...
Work is kinda different with no classes going on, but I have plenty to do to prepare for the fall.
I've made a few necklaces lately, hopefully I'll get a chance to post some pics later.
Memorial Day weekend had roleplaying on Friday for Paul, a little birthday celebration for our Egyptian exchange student on Saturday and my baby sister's HS graduation on Sunday! That was a day & a half. My mother-in-law stayed the night & we went out for lunch. Otherwise we spent Monday organizing our closet/setting things aside for our garage sale and relaxing. :)

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