Thursday, September 30, 2010

La dee dah...

Finally got my fall swap package mailed off today! It was supposed to have gone out Monday! >_<
I wonder who has me... I haven't gotten a sneak peek or anything... ?

So, I keep thinking to myself that I have all this time as a stay-at-home mom now, I should be able to do more crafting... but I don't. Amber's part of it, just when I think we've got a bit of a routine & I'll have some time I can do something, she grows & things change. I used to be able to do stuff while she nursed, but now she grabs at everything and/or kicks!
Then, I finally got her to take a longer nap in the afternoon; I'd have at least a half-hour to myself! The last few days, though, she hasn't been as good about it. We drove down to Grandma's yesterday though and ended up spending the whole day there, so that may have thrown things off further than what they were. Amber got to visit my grandpa, her great-grandpa. He was thrilled to see her, but kept forgetting she was a girl, or what her name was & once, even what her relationship to me was! *sigh* Dementia is such a horrible thing to watch someone suffer from!

But I digress... I think the main thing eating up my time, after Amber, is the house. It's not just the usual house cleaning... I have some of the tendencies of a hoarder. My main saving grace is that I don't buy too much, and, for the most part, I don't acquire too much for free (gifts are my only real weakness here)... but when my dad passed away, I inherited all of his Earthly possessions. He, too, had the hoarding tendencies... so his worldly possessions were quite numerous!
To make matters worse, when he passed away, he was going through his second divorce & I had to settle it (I think if you go into my old entries you can find more on that)... but part of that was that I had to clear everything out of his house in a hurry! My family, friends & I got everything out in two weeks flat! The result of that, unfortunately, is that there's not much rhyme or reason to the packing... and so, three years later, I'm still slowly sorting through everything.
I've been making much more progress since I quit my job, with the help of a new therapist, but it's tough... a long process... and it's driving Paul nuts. :(
I wish I could be on one of those clean house TV shows where, for the low price of being potentially publicly humiliated by revealing your mess on national TV, you get free help sorting and organizing your possessions!
A girl can dream...

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