Sunday, March 11, 2012


Working on a dress for my daughter. I started it a long time ago & pretty much had the front of the dress done, but wasn't sure about the back & set it aside... long enough that she almost outgrew it & I had to re-imagine the back, but I picked it up again & tried it on her & decided I'm going to get it done. It's starting to really come together now. I just need to sew a piece on the back & another piece as an under-skirt & finish/hem some of the seams. Here it is so far:


  1. So cute! Can'[t wait to see pictures of her in it.

    1. Thanks! So much closer now, just need to figure out how to attach the under-skirt & It'll be done! I've tried it on her & it fits & she really likes it! ^_^ She asks for her "yehwwoh[yellow]."