Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rule of threes?

Our family's been hit hard recently w/a number of deaths. My step-dad lost his mom just before Christmas & his dad a week ago yesterday & My mom lost her dad this morning. Of six grandparents, I'm now down to one (Amber's last remaining great-grandparent - I lost my dad & his mom in 2007 & mom's mom in 2010) & he's been kinda crazy these last few years. I've been staying out of the family drama on my dad's side as much as possible. :/

Trying to get caught up on my ads & coupons today & planning to go on a family shopping trip tonight. Babysitting Jamie tomorrow & Thu afternoons, Babysitting for another mom Thurs morn. Haircuts & chiropractor on Fri. Grandpa's visitation & funeral...this weekend? Mom hasn't said yet, but my cousin left a comment on my fb status that said she'll see me this weekend. Monday I'm supposed to babysit for my neighbor (who came to my rescue & babysat Amber & fed us both this morning) & Amber's supposed to have gymnastics, but we may have to miss that one & go on a make-up date. Back to this week; work/helping my friend who's disabled Wed night &, if funeral stuff doesn't come up, Fri night & Sat morning. Next week I think I help him Wed night, Sat night & Sun morning & on Fri I have to bring food to my moms' morning out group.

I'm so tired. Haven't slept well the last couple nights away from home.

Joining in on a Seasonal Swaperoo again. Have until the 23rd to get my package together & post a sneak peek sometime before then.

Fallen way behind on my Project Clean House resolution. Will have to re-vamp my schedule for that next week... I still need to finish stuff in the laundry room & I haven't really even started on our bedroom & closet & I should be done with all that & starting on the guest room this week.

Jamie & his parents loved the pillow I made him. Another one of my friends loved it , too, & wants me to make one w/her son's birth stats. My goal on that is to get it done before his 5th B-day on June 7th.
My other craft goals are: to get Amber's dress done [before she outgrows it, ideally this week], finish the bath mat I was making [someday], work on/finish some of Amber's scrapbooks & maybe even our wedding album [someday.. maybe focus on getting the wedding album done before our 5th anniversary on July 7th?], figure out what's happening w/my mom-in-law's cousin-in-law{?} & her group interested in the pink awareness ribbon bracelets I made[someday soon?], and a zillion other things I've set aside or found more recently on Pinterest & such... *sigh* I was feeling overwhelmed before I started listing the crafts... what's more overwhelmed than overwhelmed? Overwhelmingly overwhelmed? :P

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