Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The best laid plans...

I tried to plan out my day yesterday with a fair amount of detail. I factored in some flex time & down-time, but forgot one big thing & totally ended up with a different, crazy day.
I had planned to set my timer a lot & do some fast-paced clean-ups & limit my time on the computer. I had planned to work on the upstairs windows, trim & paint Amber's nails & work on an embroidery project. I did none of those. o.O
Instead, I followed up on a tentative plan to get Amber & baby Jamie together, even though he didn't need babysitting today. I suggested maybe we all go craft store shopping together, but his mom said she was feeling like a homebody & offered to watch both kiddos while I went shopping! I couldn't pass that up, but I figured to be nice & not bring her a potentially fussy kid that I'd wait 'til after nap-time. I did get my shower during nap-time & had messed around on the computer longer than I'd intended (should've set that timer!!) and didn't think she'd sleep much longer, so I just worked on some more things on the computer. I thought she was waking up at one point and messaged my friend & started getting ready to go, but Amber fell right back to sleep. I still didn't force myself to do anything productive, as I didn't think she'd sleep that long, so -all told- she slept almost three hours (!) & I didn't accomplish much besides getting my shower.
So, it was about 3:45 when we left (after I checked w/my friend that she was still game) and I packed her dinner & headed over. On the way, I remembered that I had a haircut scheduled at 6:15. Well, this was still doable, but figuring out the exact logistics of dropping her off there, going shopping, getting dinner for myself, & making sure someone could watch Amber while I got my haircut. I got done shopping about 5:10, so I could have gotten Amber home & picked up dinner to go there, but I would have been rushed & Amber didn't have that long to play with Jamie. So, I asked & they said she could stay with them longer, through my haircut. We were hoping I'd get done by 7ish, so I didn't push Jamie's bedtime back too much. Well, even getting to my haircut early, I didn't get done & back until 7:35. :/
We'll be watching Jamie for them to have a date night tonight. Hopefully we can make up for it, but we're cutting it close with my physical therapy appointment. Hopefully Amber doesn't sleep so late again today.
I got my P.T. moved up a bit earlier, hopefully it all works out.

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