Thursday, May 10, 2012

Update on Assignment #20 & the last few days

I went to the dr. yesterday & had blood drawn to check my cholesterol. I think I'm supposed to have it checked once a year & I haven't had it checked since 2007, unless they checked it while I was pregnant & I forgot. In 2007, is was because my dad had died suddenly of a heart attack (age 54) & then his mom (a survivor of 2 or 3 heart attacks herself) died of a stroke. With the strong family history, they wanted to check. My bad cholesterol was higher than they'd like & the good stuff was lower than they'd like, so they gave me some tips to improve my diet (which made me wonder about my dad's attempts to improve his diet... because his diet was horrible for heart health!)... So, I've been trying to do them. We've done very good at lowering sodium intake, ok at increasing fiber & made some little amount of progress towards lowering my sugar intake. That's the one I have to try the hardest for. I have cut most soda out of my diet. I only have the occasional Sprite or similar when out to eat & a rare root beer when the mood strikes.
Anyway, I should get those results back in a week or so.
When we came back, the neighbors' older boy was playing in his backyard & asked if Amber could come play. I told him to ask his mom & she said yes, so we went over. We ended up hanging out there through lunch. :)
During nap time, I went through the medicines drawers upstairs & sorted them out. It didn't feel like it'd been that long since I last did that, but apparently it was while I was still pregnant, because a bunch of things in there were from that time & had expired in the two+ years since! There were a few random things that were even older & I don't know how I managed to transfer them into those drawers without realizing that they'd expired as early as 2005! o.O

This is from the top drawer, it was worse than the 2nd drawer. The pile on the left is all expired stuff & the pile on the right was what went back in the drawer:

Here are the piles from the 2nd drawer, again left is expired stuff & right goes back in the drawer. Note that this one isn't as bad mostly because it's the drawer that has all the bandaids, gauze, tape & stuff like that that doesn't go bad!

And here's the stuff back in the drawers:

I spent the rest of nap-time working on my Mother's Day gift for my mom. We went back next door a while later & hung out 'til Paul got home.
Today we went outside & trimmed & painted her nails & I painted mine while she played. We ate a picnic on the porch & played outside some more. During naptime I worked on the Mother's Day gift some more & started another project that I intend to be a gift, but I'm not sure for whom yet. One of the cats woke Amber up by meowing outside her door. I guess she was lonely since I was holed up in my craft room. Over the monitor I heard the yowing & then a sleepy little voice "What are you need kitten? What are you need??"
So, I went upstairs & brought the cat to the main floor & snuggled her along the way, then got back to work in the craft room. A while later, she started it again! I hear the sleepy little voice "I sowry kitten. I sowry."
So, I wrapped up what I was doing & called her down again. She stood on the couch by me for a minute or two & then went to bug her sister... who is now snuggled down next to me while the noisy one sleeps across the room. *rolls eyes*
Well, kiddo hasn't really fallen back asleep, so I'll have to go get her soon. *sigh*

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