Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just a little something...

SO, yesterday my daughter took FOREVER (ok, like 2hrs) to actually go to sleep for her nap. Once she finally did, though, I finally decided what to do with the time. I'm hosting a craft night on Thursday, so I cleared off the dining room table. It had collected all manner of unfinished projects of mine & hers, crayons, coupon clipping stuff, etc.
At the bottom of it all was a project I'd almost forgotten about. I was frustrated that it wasn't working out the way I wanted it to, so I'd set it aside & it had involved using the exacto-knife. I'd let my hubby borrow that & haven't seen it since. Grr. So, I was about ready to scrap the whole thing.
I looked at it again once it was unearthed & thought... I could do this differently. I still needed the knife & I found another that was more of a skinny box-cutter than exacto, but it worked well enough. So, I sat down & with what remained of her roughly two-hour nap & finished the project.
I had found this Gandhi quote & decided I wanted something to hang up in the house to inspire me/us. I'd decided I wanted a nice nature picture to go with it & wanted one I'd taken. I eventually settled on a photo of the sky with some light fluffy clouds I'd taken. I printed letters in a font I liked on transparency paper. I was hoping for a fun layered look. The ink didn't dry on the transparency paper (must have printed on the wrong side)but that allowed me to use it as a stamp on the back of some scrapbook paper & use that as a guide to cut the letters out & then glue them in place on the transparency paper.
Well, that was tedious & frustrating & then some of the letters were coming off, Gandhi's name hadn't printed & that's when I set the whole thing aside.
When I found it again, I noticed that I'd been careful enough cutting the letters out of the scrapbook paper that it was still fairly readable. I figured, I'd cut the rest out & go with the negative space & totally scrap the transparency paper. I did that, stuck the pages together, cut down to size for the frame, used a sharpie to outline the letters & fill in the missing parts & then found this big die-cute flower my friend gave me & glued it on to fill up some of the space & voila!

So, if I do something like this again... not cutting letters out of anything!! I'll use my alphabet stickers, stencils or stamps!! You can't hardly even see my photo at all now, but oh well.

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