Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 9 Update

I feel kinda bad about babysitting today. I went to my moms' group with both kiddos & had a nice time there learning tricks for themed parties. When I picked the kiddos up, little boy was fussy & had a poopy diaper, so I changed him. Discovered a bit of diaper rash & no cream in the bag. Poor kiddo. When we got back, I put him straight down for his nap. He went right to sleep. Got Amber & I lunch. Went out & got the mail & then his carseat. Sat down & check computer stuff & read chapter 9 in the 21 Days book... and kept hanging out, paying no attention to time, but listening carefully for little boy... nothing. Finally, I look up & realize it's almost time for his dad to come pick him up! I go check on him & he's still laying down, but gets up as soon as he hears the door open. He's fussy again, but when I change him, the rash isn't as bad. I check his temp & it's fine. Get him a snack & his dad gets here within ten minutes of his waking.
I mostly feel bad because A.) I didn't have to do much & B.) he's not going to nap for his dad.
On the other hand, I have made it a rule for myself that I don't wake a baby (or a cat) unless we really need to go somewhere right NOW or some similar extenuating circumstance. Perhaps little boy just doesn't need so many naps any more. He's one & a half. Also, he's been teething & might be growing & they're trying more & more new foods... who knows? *shrug*

So, Chapter 9 was an extension of yesterday's which talked about writing down your goals & breaking them into more manageable pieces. I'm not sure if I misunderstood something... like, were we supposed to come up with a different goal besides the Mega Project? At any rate, I'm not ready to add any more goals as I'm doing well to keep up with the Mega Project & life hack & small daily goal (which has become a 2xweekly goal). I did, however, already plan out some of the other Mega Projects I'm hoping to tackle next & started breaking some of them down into more manageable bits.
My assignment to myself for today's bit of the Mega Project was a catch-up day. I did find homes for the rest of the random stuff from that one box, though a literal handful of small things were just stuck in a bin in my craft room. I did photograph 6 more records (ALL Barry Manilow! I'm so sick of his face... didn't know my dad was such a fan of him & Neil Diamond!) despite having to run all the way upstairs to help my daughter dawdle.. I mean, use the potty & get back to avoiding her nap... I hesitate to say anything, but it seems like in the last few minutes as I wrote this, that she's finally crashed. That only took, what? An hour & a half?? Ugh.
Anyway, I think the records are my new daily task, as I've been doing well to get 4 or more photographed each day, so I'll just let that be a goal so I don't get so burnt out on them.

Meanwhile, my friend who hosts a server for our multiplayer Minecraft game started a new world a couple days ago & I'm all excited to play again. I need to figure out this newest update & what bats are good for.

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