Friday, November 9, 2012

Grand Goals

So I was chatting with my best friend about our planned sleeping arrangements for new baby Kevin & Amber. She might lend us a toddler bed for Amber for when Kevin outgrows the cradle in our room, so he can use her crib that we just converted to a toddler bed.
We plan to co-sleep at first & then put him in the cradle. After that we weren't sure what we were going to do, but we were leaning towards just using the Pack 'n' Play as his crib & leaving her where she is until she's big enough for a twin-size & by then he should be ready for the toddler bed.
That's not totally ideal, since the Pack 'n' Play isn't really meant to be used as an all the time bed, but I really didn't want to invest in another crib or toddler bed. I'm also not even sure where we'd put another piece of furniture. The way Amber's room is now, we can just barely fit the Pack 'n' Play in, but it'll block a bit of the closet... which isn't a big deal, it's a pretty big one with double doors. Maybe the crib could go over there, *or the bookshelf could & the crib could go where it is... Idk. This all depends on their being able to share the room, too. If their sleep schedules don't mesh, we'll have to figure out putting one in the guest room.
So, I have been thinking about all this for quite a while & I finally threw the idea out there to her & then to hubby as well. So, now we kinda have a rough grand plan of how we'll shift around all the furniture & kiddos & stuff and make it all work.
So, the caveats are that we don't really want to put a kid in the guest room as is b/c most of the furniture pieces in there are antiques I inherited from my great great aunt & only other place to really put those (& have them be remotely useful) would be in the basement bedroom, currently known as my craft room/ the black hole. Which is crazy cluttered & crammed right now. That's my ├╝ber-Mega Project that I've been putting off for... well, a couple years actually.
So, I hope to sort through, pare down & organize all the stuff in my craft room & my part of the office & then to move the genealogy stuff & maybe scrapbooking stuff to the office & hopefully free up enough space in the craft room to put the antiques down there & have it be a guest/craft room with the craft portion being primarily sewing & beading stuff.
Paul pointed out that if we were to get rid of the giant desk (which is starting to fall apart) currently in my half of the office that would free up a lot of space, even if we put in a smaller desk. He also talked about getting a hutch. That would be nice. We might be able to use the desk I already have in the craft room. That would help a lot with freeing up space all over the place.
Then, the guest room would be freed up for one of the kids & Amber's room would be opened up however much more for the other. We'd eventually need another bed & dresser, but I think that can be accomplished in this time-frame.
I think that about covers it for the overall plan.
So, any of you want the remains of a giant desk with a big piece of tempered glass on the top? We'll have to take it apart to get it out of the room. It was VERY difficult for the professional movers to get it down the stairs and IN to that room & that contributed greatly to the falling apart.

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