Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Challenge!

Yeah, I need to get the house ready for Thanksgiving... the basement is not a priority right now.
I did my laundry yesterday & got most of it put away today (a few sweaters were still damp.) and helped hubby with his a bit.
One of my friends who lives out of town (just out of state, actually) is visiting this weekend, so I hung out with her & another of our friends the last two evenings.
We've gotten most of the trash & recycling taken out. I clipped & sorted coupons this morning.
I also finished a jewelry Christmas present. I can't wait to share it online! I'm excited with how it came out. I got a good start on another one yesterday. Hoping to finish it today & get my jewelry stuff put away... though I have some other ideas. Anyway...
I did find the missing library book, but haven't gotten it returned yet. Our grace period ended yesterday, so we're starting to rack(sp?) up the dimes we'll owe. :/
I don't think there's much else to report.

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