Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving & Lake Geneva Trip

I'm on vacation right now w/hubby. Along with some other circumstances, Amber's going to be staying FIVE nights with my mom & step-dad. We've never been apart more than three nights, if that. I teared-up a bit Thanksgiving night when they left.
I've taken very few pics on the trip so far, just been trying to enjoy some time, just hubby & me. Maybe I'll take more later, but I have plenty to catch up on.

Here's Amber working on our leaf project I mentioned in the last post.

We've noticed lately that she always does this when she's thinking & concentrating on something & sometimes just licks her lips incessantly. During a Skype session with Paul's mom, she noticed it & commented that it was just like when she was a kid. Apparently the habit skipped a generation. :P

My finished projects & one of Amber's paintings.

Our mutual project. :)

Tables are all set! Amber helped. ;)

Amber's ready to eat!

Paul cutting the turkey!

Amber playing under the table after dinner & the family reacting to her.

My mom's selling these scarves & had me & Paul's cousin modeling them for her facebook page.

Lake Geneva at sunset last night.

We haven't had the greatest service at our hotel... I called last night when there was a stink bug flying around our room. While I was on the phone with the front desk, Paul caught it in the ice bucket & they said they'd send housekeeping right up. This picture was taken about 20hrs later... we put it in the hall. We haven't been brave enough to see if the bug's still in there, but it doesn't look like it's moved much.

I made earrings for myself. That's something I haven't done in a while because my ears are so sensitive to metals. These posts are titanium, so here's hoping! *fingers crossed*

Also hoping our neighbors are quieter tonight. :/

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