Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pinterest in Practice

I found this DIY project on Pinterest to make your own hardware store bath toys and thought it looked like a fun, fairly easy project that Amber would love.
Well, it wasn't as easy as I'd hoped, but between my hubby & I, we managed it!
My tips; when drilling, don't go too fast; the friction can melt the plastic & get it stuck to the bit & totally gum up the works. [I have a pic of the bit stuck in a piece of pipe after it got pulled right out of the drill! it's on my phone, though & I don't have a smartphone, so I need to find the adapter for my micro SD card to transfer pics to my computer...]It takes a while to get the hole started, but once the bit gets in there, it doesn't take as long to go all the way through.
Getting the suction cups in the holes is really hard! I couldn't do it. My hubby cut himself twice & ended up getting out the drill & widening some of the holes in order to accomplish this. He found it helpful to hold the drill at an angle & move it around so that he created a tapered hole funneling into the center. We were also using a flat-head screwdriver for leverage like in the picture, but I'm not sure how exactly it works as I was busy keeping Amber away from the project.
So, here's a few of the pieces we made:

We're having Amber's B-day party (early) today, so here's hoping our gift is a hit! ;)

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