Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Still around & getting ready...

Well, signs are pointing towards baby boy making his appearance any time now! I finally got my bag packed for the hospital, minus a few things I use regularly & don't/can't have a spare of. I feel much better having done at least that much. I had some contractions last night that, despite not being painful, were strong enough to wake me up last night, so I was starting to panic that I wasn't ready! The house is still not really ready, but at least I have my bag packed! ;)
We had a nice holiday season, visited both families, celebrated Amber's birthday. Can't believe I have an actual THREE year old now! Glad her brother waited & didn't "steal" her birthday, either. ;) Especially since we were 3-4hrs away from home most of the day! No more big trips for us now!
I'm planning to share some of the gifts I made for people for Christmas soon. Right now, I'm going to work on some up-coming birthday gifts! ;)

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