Monday, May 6, 2013

Blarg! How do you price for garage sales?

The moms' group I'm in is having a group garage sale this weekend, and we'll be donating our items & all the profit will go to pay for the groups expenses. We have to price all our own stuff though. I HATE pricing stuff... & this is why we have to price our own stuff, everyone hates pricing stuff & nobody wants to get stuck pricing ALL of it. I understand... that said, do you have any tips on how you price things? A few of us would like to do some blanket pricing, like "everything in this box is $1" but I'm afraid if it's not consistent, it might be an issue. Plus, since I personally won't be profiting from any of the stuff, I don't really care how it's priced. Paul's Ok with us not profiting personally, he's just happy to get some clutter out of the house.

So, that's the basket of clothes I'm donating that I mentioned in my earlier post about the decluttering challenge. I'll try to photograph some of the other things & if you're interested, email me at frau_innis (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Shoes - women's 7.5 or 7

Both boxes contain the lights pictured on the top one.

(Ugh! It rotated my pic!) Both boxes contain what's pictured - practically unused in both cases!

A whole box of unused furnace filters - we accidentally got the wrong size & couldn't or didn't want to bother with returning them.

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