Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Clutter busting

Well, I got all the stuff dropped off for the garage sale. There's a few things I could have added, but maybe we'll have our own garage sale after lil' K has outgrown some more clothes. Not in the pics below, but donated to the garage sale were another pair of black dress shoes, pet grooming kit, a bag full of bottles & binkies & such, a couple little novelty picture frames and a seat-belt adjuster thing...
I was SO happy when the lady in charge said we didn't have to price the clothing individually! That was what I was really dreading, so the rest wasn't so bad. I had no idea what to put on the bag of bottles & stuff, so I just put "make an offer." Pricing the rest wasn't too bad.
Then I took the kiddos to Steak 'n' Shake. Amber bounced around in her seat like a ping pong ball! I'm glad we got her in a set that wasn't adjacent to anyone else, the people behind me got to hear a near constant stream of "Amber, sit down, sit up, get back in your seat, get off the floor, sit up and eat..." and so on... Ugh.
Trying to get both kiddos to nap now so I can fold the laundry and get coupons ready for Paul to go shopping.
Edit: I did a little extra clutter-busting. My friend came to visit & mentioned that she was collecting Box Tops for Education for something, so I gave her all ours (since we've been collecting for a while & some were expired/expiring & Amber's still not in school)and since she works at the library that's having a donation collection for a book sale, I gave her a bunch of books that we were trying to sell. So, I don't have a pic of the box tops, but I can post a pic of the books later.
Edit: Books (Now or soon available at the B public library, except for "Broken Prey," which my FIL took.)

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