Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Initial Entry

So, I decided to start a new blog... a place to journal about being a mommy & wife, my arts & crafts, my crazy cats (& snake) & life in general.

I used to blog on journalspace, but I abandoned it for too long after my dad died & I got married. Those events happened about six weeks apart, a little more on that here:
Offbeat Bride | Monica & Paul's traditional wedding with a twist or two

So, about me. I'm Monica. I'm 27, married & mother to an almost 10 week old daughter. I have my bachelor's in art & German and I now work disability support at a local community college. I really love my job & am looking forward to going back to work next week, though I'm also a bit nervous/sad about putting my daughter in day care.
My husband has his bachelor's in chemistry. We met in college through mutual friends. Didn't start dating until his last week of college broke up after about nine months of dating, I ended up engaged to another guy, after that fell through we got back together, officially on my birthday in '05 & I proposed to him on March 18th in '06. We got married on 7/7/07, bought a house with my inheritance in June of '08 & our first child, a daughter, was born just before the new year! Yay tax deduction! :P

I don't do much "fine" art any more, but I do a lot of crafty things as hobbies mostly. My other hobbies are facebook, reading, computer/video games, genealogy and probably some others I'm not thinking of at the moment. As for arts & crafts I do digital photography & editing, beading & jewelry making, scrapbooking & other paper craft and a bit of sewing. I took some ceramics courses not too long ago & would love to do more!

I sell some of my creations, mostly jewelry, on etsy at http://www.innisms.etsy.com (hence the title of the blog... )

You can see examples of many of my pieces of art on my DevianArt site.

I have some random photos up on my flikr account.

That should be enough for now... nice to meet you all!

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