Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yesterday and Today

I could make that a more figurative title and talk about my childhood or something, but I literally just want to talk about the last 25 hours or so. :P

My daughter got lots of kisses yesterday! Our friend E & her 1 & a half year old daughter came to visit yesterday morning & her daughter gave mine lots of hugs & kisses. We just hung out & played with the kids for a while & then they left to run errands.

Then, in the afternoon, my best friend Andista and her 2.5 year old son came to visit. Her son also shared lots of hugs & kisses & when I told them how my husband had made her flower rattle more fun by having it kiss her (it has a face)her son had it kiss her too. He didn't bop her too hard.
Then we all headed to the mall & went to Bergner's for their Goodwill sale. I thought the sale had started last week, so I was pleasantly surprised when we got double coupons for our donations! I hadn't counted my items, but I got more coupons than the both of us could use anyway. I bought a bunch of new outfits for my baby in a couple different sizes & Andista bought a few outfits for her sone & a set of onesies or her daughter on the way.
After I checked out I took my laundry basket I'd used to bring my donations in to take my purchases out to the car. I took her son w/me & had her watch my daughter. She wondered if anyone thought it odd that a six-months pregnant lady was there with a two-month old baby.
Then we went to Old Navy & raided the clearance & sale racks. I got two onesies, a shirt & a skirt for $13.38 tax included! She got her son the most adorable hat for Easter & a matching shirt, some maternity clothes for her (most were $.99 or less!).
I did a little math when I got home & figured out that the total I actually spent on everything with tax included was less than 50% of the total suggested retail prices before sales tax! Yay saving! That & the visits made for a great day...
Last night, though, was rough. My daughter was running a fever of 100.5 and so upset & angry she just screamed & screamed & wouldn't even eat! The kid loves to eat, so that was getting kinda serious. After some Tylenol & singing her favorite song to her (When the Rain Comes by Third Day)she finally calmed down & ate & then fell asleep. She slept pretty decently, only woke up once. Her fever's down this morning. Her temp's 99.2, which seems to be her normal. She's much happier too.
You might be thinking, "Wait, how old is she? Ten weeks & only waking up once in the night is 'pretty decent??'" ... and yes, she actually sleeps through the night, not too long ago I got 4 nights in a row where she slept 7 to 9 hours straight! She normally sleeps at least 5 hours straight then another 3 or 4. I am so happy that we're so lucky with that! She's a great baby. I don't worry much about going out or anything. Our doula predicted that since my husband & I are both pretty laid back, that she would be too ... & she is! ^_^

Ok, I've rambled enough for now... If you're bothered by this amount of rambling, I don't recommend following this blog b/c this is my norm! ;)

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