Tuesday, March 23, 2010


One of my coworkers announced today that she's expecting. She wasn't expecting to be expecting... this will be baby #3. #2 came as a surprise close on the heels of #1, so birth control isn't too effective for her! She's happy though & past the point that they're really worried about miscarriage from the birth control. I'm kinda excited, another pregnancy in the office right after mine!
I'm looking forward to getting back to the classes. My students keep telling me how much they miss me. They're really sweet. :) I'm kinda liking having this transition period of office work though. Already my to-do list is getting crazy. My boss & I talked yesterday about sending out these letters that we're to follow-up on next week, but put my other projects as priority... ? I'm not sure how to accomplish that, I think I'll just have to take a break from the E-text projects to craft these letters & forms. but I still don't have access to the shared network drive! I got an e-mail today about it, so hopefully it'll be fixed tomorrow. I'm still going to have an access issue, but that's because above mentioned co-worker, for some odd reason, is the only one who can log into this particular program & she'll be out of town tomorrow.
I got my sneak peek on the swap blog! :) It's something fabric-y in teal with an image of flip-flops amongst other indecipherable images on it. That sentence structure was weird, bu I don't want to fix it. I'm up past my bedtime! ;) & just got Amber back to sleep. G'night!
Just kidding. Well, I should go to sleep, but I wanted to share... so much cuteness! Not only Amber in her little pajamas still sucking her lip after I took the nipple away, but also our cat Leela snuggling my husband's knee!
I forgot to swaddle Amber, so this will be an experiment to see how she sleeps un-swaddled. Not very scientific though, we changed another factor & put up light & draft-blocking curtains in her room tonight. She's been sleeping in the swing b/c of her cold. I'd rather have her upright than flat in the cradle. Plus, the cradle gets kinda chilly for some reason.
Now both kitties have Paul! Aw. OK, G'night for real now!

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