Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Oh man, my eyes were crossing today from all the MATH! The text-book I've been helping to convert to Braille is statistics & I proctored & scribed an algebra test today.

I was running late this morning & left my bottles of pills on the bed & I dunno if I didn't close the one or if the cats just managed to get it open anyways (they have in the past with a different type of child-proof bottle!)but there were pills all over the place & I'm pretty sure I had more than 5 left, but that's all I've found so far. I haven't gotten in all the folds of the blankets yet b/c I've been nursing.
So, I've been meaning to showcase more of my crafts here. Some of my most recent stuff will have to wait until I've sent it to my swap partner. :) Managing my pictures should be much easier once I get my new laptop Paul has promised to get with our tax refund. :) Here's one of my projects I've most recently listed for sale at my Etsy shop. The inside says "Congrats!" and I also have a girl one for sale. I have some others I've been meaning to list, some left-handed Thank-You cards, a Thinking-of-You card & more.
I've been craft-hopping a lot lately. Right before Amber was born I was making a lot of jewelry; since then I've been scrapbooking, card-making & sewing a lot. I've made her two dresses & a few headbands. Well, she's being a fuss-butt, so I better get going. Plus, I found 8 more pills, but can't find the cap!

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